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Ceiling Curtain Poles

Ceiling curtain poles have the distinct ability to make your room feel larger. They suspend your curtains from a greater height and maximising the amount of light that enters your home. Choose from our selection of ceiling fix or top fix poles and welcome the illusion of height to your home.

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Beyond the functional benefit of having something to hang your curtains from, our range of curtain poles - sometimes referred to as curtain rods - offers a great selection of aesthetic benefits. For modern homes, a curtain pole in a light metallic material will add to the cool, chic nature of your space. Combined with a soft flowing curtain in a delicate material and light colour, you can subtly improve the sophistication of your decor. If, on the other hand, your home has a more traditional style, a darker brass colour curtain pole with ornate finials will partner well with a heavy patterned curtain to give a classically elegant look.

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Why Buy Our Made To Measure Curtain Poles?

Why Buy Our Made To Measure Curtain Poles?

Our curtain poles are made from the finest materials by talented craftspeople. Choose from a wide range of different designs and finishes all made to the highest quality standards and built to last. We're so confident of the quality of our poles that all are delivered direct to your door complete with a five year guarantee.

Where Can You Fit Curtain Poles?

Where Can You Fit Curtain Poles?

Our curtain poles will complete any window display and fit all window types including standard, angled and box bay windows . Partnered with the right curtain, curtain poles will add depth and charm to your chosen decor and suit any room.

What Colours And Finishes Are Curtain Poles Available In?

What Colours And Finishes Are Curtain Poles Available In?

Browse our wide range of curtain poles which are available in an excellent variety of colours, finishes and materials. Choose from a fantastic selection of metal poles from chrome to gold and many in between. Or for those in love with a classic look, we offer many different shades of beautiful, natural or painted woods, all complete with eye-catching finials.

Curtain Poles For Any Room In The House

Curtain Poles For Any Room In The House

Curtain poles add a touch of sophistication to a range of interior design themes. For modern spaces, consider using gleaming metal curtain poles and for more traditionally inspired spaces, nothing can top a quality wooden curtain pole. The curtain poles will help you bring your curtains to life while gently improving the overall style of your space. You can even add additional detail to your decor with a well-chosen decorative finial. Find out more in our curtain poles buyers guide.

Faqs for Curtain Poles
How to Measure Curtain Poles?
To allow for your curtains to stack neatly at each end, we advise that your curtain pole extends 15cm beyond each side of your window's recess, and that you measure using a metal tape measure. If you already have a curtain pole you'd like to replace, measure the length between any decorative finials it may have. Take a look at our curtain poles measuring guides for greater detail.
How to Fit Curtain Poles?
Fitting a curtain pole is far easier than you might expect. To help you achieve the best results, we've created a useful installation guide for curtain poles which includes easy to follow information. You'll also recieve a fitting guide with your order.
What Length Do Curtain Poles Come In?
We have an excellent selection of curtain poles available in a range of materials from natural, responsibly sourced wood to quality metals. To view the lengths your chosen curtain pole is available in, simply select the product and click the drop-down bar under 'select your pole length'. There is also a handy filter option to choose extra-long curtain poles.

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