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for Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds
photo of wooden table with house plant on top of it next to window with white roller blind
Our Roller Blinds

Our Roller Blinds

A staple enjoyed by thousands at home and abroad, handmade roller blinds are elegant, and a great canvas for colour, pattern and personal flair. Offering high levels of functionality and a chic, stylish shape, roller blinds contribute a great mixture of privacy, light control, and thermal efficiency.

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Roller Blinds

an image of living room with white sofas and green lampshade with white table next to bay window with made to measure lime green roller blinds
Why Buy Our Made To Measure Roman Blinds

Why Buy Our Made To Measure Roman Blinds

Our stylish roller blinds come with a five-year guarantee and are up to 70% less expensive than comparable high street brands
Hardwearing and easy to maintain, they are suitable for all spaces in the home
Functional upgrades are available including side control options and motorisation.
Motorisation options available, subject to drop and width measurements
A wide range of textures, colours and patterns to consider
Properties including easy wipe, hygienic and flame retardant available, among others
You can request eight free samples to let you see and feel your chosen colours and finishes before you buy
Educational guides and videos make it easy to measure for, and fit your new blind
Guaranteed safety and convenience with contact-free shipping
Handcrafted to your requirements in the heart of Yorkshire
Surefit guarantee available for peace of mind
Fast delivery on all orders

image of bathroom whit white bath tub and brown chair next to window to show that roller blinds can be fit in bathroom
Where Can You Fit Roller Blinds?

Where Can You Fit Roller Blinds?

The variety and options available in our range of roller blinds help customers find the perfect addition to any window.

We have moisture proof blinds perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, easy wipe for small children's bedrooms and even specialist blackout roller blinds that will help you achieve the perfect night's sleep.

With a great selection of colours available, we'll also have the perfect blind to enhance any décor. Whether you're looking for creams and greys or oranges and greens, all your colour needs can be met with Blinds Direct.

Fitting Guides >>

photo of white bathroom sink next to large bright window
What Are Our Different Types Of Roller Blinds?

What Are Our Different Types Of Roller Blinds?

You can select a specialist roller blind that works best in your space with Blinds Direct. There are a fantastic range of features available, including:

Waterproof blinds - Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of the home that experience moisture and humidity. Their moisture proof nature will prevent the build-up of mould and mildew and are even easier to clean than other options.

Cordless roller blinds - Suitable for every room in the home, cordless roller blinds help you control light and your privacy. Moreover, because there are no cords, they are sleek, and completely child and pet safe. Hygienic blinds - Again ideal for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, these blinds are a great choice for offices and other commercial places where health and safety are paramount.

Flame retardant blinds - Are an effective way to introduce greater safety and an added layer of protection to your home. The specialist design makes our flame retardant roller blinds ideal for kitchens, children's bedrooms and other parts of the home which may be at risk from fire.

Electric roller blinds - Add a modern edge to your home with electric roller blinds! With a simple press of a button on the remote control, you can effortlessly control your made to measure blinds to open or close, and adjust the amount of light entering the room to enjoy privacy with ease. Benefit from improved functionality including voice commands and app control with a Somfy TaHoma Switch or Somfy Connectivity Kit. Office friendly blinds - The perfect choice for professional offices and corporate environments.

PVC blinds - A durable and waterproof option that is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Thermal blinds - Help keep your room warm and cosy during the colder months. With improved thermal efficiency, you'll also save money on energy bills!

Noise Reducing Roller blinds - If you live on a busy road or just want to muffle sound in street-facing rooms, our noise reducing roller blinds are the perfect choice. Crafted from specially developed, high density acoustic fabric which absorbs and dampens outside noise, and helps to create the perfect environment for a great night’s sleep.

Double roller blinds - Offering the flexibility of a light filtering voile, and a blackout blind in one window dressing. They are perfect for spaces where you work or relax during sunny days, then want to use the blackout lining for sleep or enjoying a movie.

Electric double roller blinds - Add a futuristic edge your home with electric double roller blinds! Effortlessly control either one or both of the layers of your electric double roller blinds, raising or lowering them to find the ideal amount of natural light. With blackout/dim-out and semi-sheer materials, you can achieve the precise level of light where you like to rest and recover from a long day!

Designer No Drill Roller blind - Indulge in the convenience and sophistication of a traditional roller blind, regardless of your DIY abilities. The innovative and customisable headrail allows our designer no-drill roller blinds to effortlessly secure within your window’s recess, without the need for drills or causing any damage to your walls. This makes them an ideal choice for rented accommodations or listed properties. Simply select the designer no drill option on a roller blind product and enjoy seamless elegance and precise control over natural light with ease.

You can also pick between blackout, dimout and diffused roller blinds, depending on the levels of darkness you require in your room. Bedrooms benefit from blackout fabric to encourage better sleep, whereas you might prefer a diffused fabric in the kitchen or conservatory.

image of our Roller Blind style upgrades
Our Different Styles Of Roller Blinds

Our Different Styles Of Roller Blinds

Beyond the different fabrics, colours and patterns, there are also four different styles of roller blinds you can choose from. Each offers a selection of options for you to add a sleek finish to your decor. These are the options available with Blinds Direct!

Classic roller blinds - A favourite around the world for decades, the classic roller blind is instantly recognisable and celebrated for its function and form. Classic roller blinds are an ideal choice for more minimalist spaces as their sleek, slimline design lends to a less cluttered decor. That said, there’s nothing stopping them from standing out in a maximalist space!

Designer roller blinds - Designer roller blinds offer a contemporary take on an established interior design classic. With your chosen fabric featured as part of the headrail, it adds a fuller finish to a window, truly maximising your window’s style. Moreover, you can pick the colour of the headrail casing and the chic bottom bar in either matching or contrasting colours!

Platinum roller blinds - Platinum style roller blinds offer an extremely stylish finish to any room. With six hardware colours available for the sleek, fashionable headrail covering that will match the bottom bar, you have the freedom to find the ideal finish for their decor. The shape of the heading too enhances the beauty of the space making it an even great choice for stylish homes!

View our expert guides to measuring window blinds here >>

explainer image to show how best to measure for roller blinds
How To Measure For Roller Blinds

How To Measure For Roller Blinds

Measuring for your new roller blinds couldn't be easier. Firstly, you need to ensure that your window opens outwards and has a recess depth of at least 6cm. If your window doesn't meet these requirements, you'll need to measure and fit your blinds outside the recess.

Inside Recess (RECESS SIZE) This measurement is required if your roller blind is to fit within the recess of your window. For accuracy, measure the drop and width from three positions ensuring you supply the smallest size. From there, our team will make the requisite deductions, ensuring the blind fits effortlessly within the window's recess.

Outside Recess (EXACT SIZE) An exact size measurement is required for blinds that will hang outside the recess and overlap your window. Decide how much to overlap the recess at both sides, we recommend 7.5cm each as a minimum, as well as the top and bottom. Next, measure the width and the drop in three separate positions ensuring you provide the smallest measurement. If you're concerned about measuring your blinds, you can benefit from our Surefit guarantee, for peace of mind.

View our expert guides to measuring window blinds here >>

an image to show the different sizes of roller blinds available from blinds direct
How To Fit Roller Blinds

How To Fit Roller Blinds

Fitting your roller blind is simpler than you may initially expect. Within your box you'll find:

A high-quality handmade blind
Control-side mechanism
Pin-side mechanism
All required mounting brackets and screws
P-Clip safety device

The only additional tools you'll require are a drill, cross-head screwdriver and a pencil.

To make the fitting of your roller blind even simpler, we have a wealth of fitting videos available to enjoy on the website.

Your new roller blind from Blinds Direct will be delivered with all required child safety devices. These keep cords and chains safely tidied away.

View Our Fitting Guides Here >>

promotional image to show that blinds from blinds direct are rated excellent on trustpilot
Our Most Popular Roller Blinds

Our Most Popular Roller Blinds

By selecting a roller blind, you can enjoy a wealth of style options. With a great selection of colours, textures, patterns, and functions, all you need do is take some time to think about what will best enhance your space. Our most popular options are currently:

White roller blinds - Whether you're aim is to enhance a chic monochrome space, or a busy Cottagecore room, a white roller blind will boost the beauty wherever you fit it. White is a very flexible colour too. With different tones available, you'll find just the right addition to compliment - or contrast - with your chosen colour scheme.

image of purple, red, blue and grey fabric to show that the fabric used by blinds direct is child safe

Grey roller blinds - Grey is a classy way to add an extra touch of style. You can choose from natural slate tones - or pale, modern hues to match your room's style. You could even consider the metallic shimmer of a silver roller blind to really enhance the energy of your décor! You can learn more about colours to go with grey on our blog.

Cream roller blinds - Natural tones are both warming and calming. Whether your space is inspired around a Scandi, Traditional or Contemporary theme, these rich creamy colours will improve a range of other hues around your home.

Blue roller blinds - Blue is one of the chicest colours available to style-conscious decorators. From pale, powdery blues to deep rich navies you can lose yourself in, blue could be just the colour for you. Check out our Colour Focus: Dark Blue blog for more top tips!

photo of dark grey bathroom with large bath tub next to window
Are roller blinds easy to clean?

Are roller blinds easy to clean?

It doesn't take long to clean roller blinds at all. If you purchase an easy wipe or PVC roller blind, it will be even simpler to clean, due to their water resistant and wipe-clean properties.

To keep on top of your roller blinds, regularly wipe them with a clean, damp cloth. Roll the blind all the way down and wipe gently from the top to bottom. Afterwards, leave it to dry before raising it. You can also use baby wipes, if you rub gently.

When it comes to the mechanism, you can use a silicone spray clean. This will help avoid any squeaking or stiffness! You can also clean the chain or cord with warm, soapy water.

image of green themed living room with house plant and light green sofa next to window dressed with light green roller blinds
Where Are Our Roller Blinds Made?

Where Are Our Roller Blinds Made?

Our range of stylish roller blinds are crafted by hand here in West Yorkshire. Our skilled team of talented craftspeople have decades of collective experience in making some of the finest window furnishings in the UK. You can learn more about Blinds Direct on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions >>

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