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Pink Day & Night Blinds

Our market-leading pink Day and Night blinds offer a number of benefits, including light control, thermal efficiency, privacy and style. Enjoy a pop of pink with our high quality, made to measure collection.

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Stylish, functional and durable, day and night blinds are a great addition for any home and perfect for contemporary spaces with a twist of traditional design. Day and night blinds provide you with functionality that enables you to enjoy total darkness when set to blackout, or delicate light filtration without compromising on privacy. Our day & night blinds come in a wide range of colours and shades so you'll be sure to find the perfect blind to enhance your interiors. And with our 5 year guarantee, you can be rest assured your new blind is made to last.

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Why Buy Our Made To Measure Day & Night Blinds?

Why Buy Our Made To Measure Day & Night Blinds?

Our high-quality day and night blinds are a popular choice for style-conscious customers. Hand made to measure in our facilities in West Yorkshire by a team of talented craftspeople, your new day and night blinds are manufactured to the highest quality standards.Easy to maintain and durable and available in a wide range of colours and dimout or blackout options. You can also choose up to 8 free samples so you can see and feel your selected fabrics and colours before you make your purchase.

Where Can You Fit Day & Night Blinds?

Where Can You Fit Day & Night Blinds?

Day and night blinds are perfect for any room. Alternating strips of fabric slide against each-other to switch between a block of colour and a stylish set of stripes. When closed, the blind provides the benefits of a blackout blind, ideal for bedrooms and a good night's sleep, or making a living room lovely and dark for a night of movie viewing. When open, light will delicately filter into your space while keeping prying eyes from seeing into your home. Perfect for rooms requiring light control without compromising on privacy.

How Do You Clean Day & Night Blinds?

How Do You Clean Day & Night Blinds?

Day and night blinds are easy to clean. Construced from one continuous sheet of fabric you can clean the full surface by completing a full rotation. For a greater spruce up, use a feather duster or soft cloth to remove particles. Focus on the edges of the blind, which may collect more dust and dirt due to their contact with the window frame and windowsill. Or use a steam cleaner on a low to medium setting to lift off any lingering stains. It really couldnt be simpler to keep your day and night blinds looking fresh.

How To Measure And Fit Day & Night Blinds

How To Measure And Fit Day & Night Blinds

Measuring for and fitting day and night blinds might sound intimidating, but you needn't worry. To assist you in your task, we've published a series of easy-to-follow video guides that cover everything from measuring all the way through to finishing the fit. Your new blind will also arrive with fitting instructions. It really couldn't be simpler.

Faqs for Day And Night Blinds
What are Day and Night Blinds?
The clever design of day and night blinds provides high levels of light control and privacy. Day and night blackout blinds feature interchanging strips of fabric that slide against each other so the blinds move between a block of blackout coverage or stripes that gently diffuse the light and views from outside. Take a look at our buyers guide for day and night blinds for more details.
Why are Day and Night Blinds sometimes called Zebra Blinds?
Day and night blinds are also known as zebra blinds due to the stripes from their alternating fabric strips. Available in a range of stylish colour combinations, including black and white, day and night blinds offer sophisticated design with excellent functionality.
How do Day and Night Blinds work?
The block colour and opaque fabrics of day and night blinds stack on top of each other. You can either draw to the full length of the window for full closure, or have half coverage from each fabric giving a striped effect and diffused light. This provides the ultimate flexibility in terms of light control and privacy requirements.

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