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Blinds Direct Blog

Welcome to the Blinds Direct blog. Our excellent articles cover everything from stylish colour combinations and ideas for window blinds, through to interior design trends from around the globe! Whether you want to know more about blue tones, get tips and tricks for making the most of your window dressings, or even find some Italian interior design inspiration, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy our insight into the world of interiors.

Colours Of The Month – Summer Shades

Mon 8 Jul 2024 Ana Zuravliova
Regular readers of our blog will know we regularly explore a colour of the month, but with summer in full swing, we thought we’d showcase not one but five colours of the month! These vibrant shades are perfect tones for summer. With trend forecasters predicting a sharp rise in vibrant colours in the coming years, […]

Our Guide To The Best Summer Curtains

Thu 4 Jul 2024 Ana Zuravliova
Summer is synonymous with sunshine, long days, and vibrant energy, but it also brings intense heat and a blazing sun that can turn your home into a sauna. The right curtains, however, can make a world of difference, not just in terms of aesthetics but also in maintaining a cool and comfortable home during the […]

Expert Guide: The Different Styles of Blackout Blinds

Fri 28 Jun 2024 Ana Zuravliova
We often hear about the multitude of benefits that blackout blinds bring to a space, but what styles are they available in? Are blackout blinds a single product, or are there different options to suit various interior design styles? Well, today, we’ll be exploring the different types of blackout blinds and how to best use […]

Maximise Your Home With Pops Of Pattern

Fri 21 Jun 2024 Andrew Peacock
Interior design is an art that blends creativity, functionality, and personal style. One of the most dynamic ways to transform your space is through the strategic use of patterns. From subtle designs to big, bold prints, patterns can invigorate a room, adding depth, interest, and personality. Here’s how you can effectively incorporate pops of pattern […]

Infuse Your Home with the Rich Hues of Red: A Wine-Inspired Guide to Interior Décor

Mon 17 Jun 2024 Ana Zuravliova
This week is wine week, seven days that celebrate wine and the role it plays in many of our lives. In homage to this drink which millions have enjoyed down the millennia, we’re today looking at the rich colours of red and how you can enjoy them in your home’s decor. After-all, who wouldn’t want […]

Slow Down to Spruce Up: The Art of Patience in Home Decor

Tue 11 Jun 2024 Ana Zuravliova
In the fast-paced world we live in, the concept of patience often feels like a relic of the past. We crave instant gratification, from fast food to same-day delivery, and it’s rare we take things slowly. It’s time therefore to embrace a slower approach to life, including how we decorate our home. When it comes […]

The Art of Pattern Mixing in Interior Design

Wed 5 Jun 2024 Ana Zuravliova
We recently explored the benefits of mixing checks and stripes, but what about other patterns? Well, pattern mixing and matching is a technique that can transform a space from the ordinary to the extraordinary. This creative approach will infuse a room with personality, depth, and a sense of cohesion when done correctly. However, it can […]

When To Use Blackout Blinds, And Why

Tue 4 Jun 2024 Ana Zuravliova
Spring is in full swing and with summer on the horizon, the beautiful long days are set to continue. While the abundance of brilliant sunlight is ideal for al fresco home dining, it can be problematic when it comes to downtime and sleep. As a result, give yourself the flexibility to control when and where […]

What Is The New Pretty Design Trend

Thu 23 May 2024 Ana Zuravliova
One of the latest interior design trends capturing the hearts of design enthusiasts and homeowners alike is the New Pretty. This trend is a refreshing way of styling your home in a way that’s empowering and dreamy. Instead, it celebrates a softer, more refined aesthetic that is both inviting and elegant. Let’s dive into what […]

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Blinds

Wed 22 May 2024 Ana Zuravliova
When it comes to kitchen decor, blinds often play a crucial yet understated role. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also serve practical purposes like controlling light, ensuring privacy, and even improving energy efficiency. Choosing the right blinds for your kitchen can be a game-changer, and this guide will help you make an […]

Cultivate A Buzz In Your Garden For World Bee Day!

Mon 20 May 2024 Ana Zuravliova
In the intricate tapestry of life on our planet, bees play a vital role as pollinators, contributing to the ongoing health of countless plants from crocuses to chives. That said, bee populations worldwide are under threat from various factors including habitat loss, climate change, and diseases. Fortunately, there are plenty of things we can do […]

A Guide To Blinds For Velux Windows

Thu 16 May 2024 Ana Zuravliova
Simple, stylish and practical, Velux® windows are enjoyed in countless homes across the country. Velux, and other quality roof windows offer the perfect way to enjoy natural light in a stylish, modern way. That said, like all windows, roof windows and skylights need a stylish blend to help them reach their style and functional potential. […]
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