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Blinds Direct Blog

Welcome to the Blinds Direct blog. Our excellent articles cover everything from stylish colour combinations and ideas for window blinds, through to interior design trends from around the globe! Whether you want to know more about blue tones, get tips and tricks for making the most of your window dressings, or even find some Italian interior design inspiration, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy our insight into the world of interiors.

Vintage Patterns in Interior Design

Mon 18 Sep 2023 Ana Zuravliova
Interior design is an ever-evolving field that often finds inspiration in the past. As a result, making use of vintage designs can help you to add a stylish edge to any room. Vintage-inspired patterns can breathe life into modern spaces, creating a harmonious blend of old-world charm and contemporary cool. In this blog, we’ll explore […]

Caffe Latte Inspired Interior Design

Mon 18 Sep 2023 Ana Zuravliova
Inspired by the rich, comforting hues of an artisanal cup of coffee, caffe latte tones infuse a home with warmth and elegance with a cool edge to curate a sense of tranquillity. In this blog, we will explore the allure of latte tones and how to incorporate them into your interior design to create inviting […]

Colours Of The Month: Berry Red And Pink!

Fri 25 Aug 2023 Ana Zuravliova
In any interior design project, colour plays a pivotal role in shaping the mood, atmosphere, and overall aesthetic of a space. Among the multitude of colours available, berry red and pink have emerged as timeless yet modern choices that effortlessly blend elegance with warmth. From sophisticated living rooms to cosy bedrooms, these hues will bring […]

Home Staging: How To Dress Your Home For Sale

Mon 21 Aug 2023 Ana Zuravliova
Selling your home can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, and while interest rates remain higher than we’ve become used to, some mortgage lenders are starting to offer more competitive rates. With the potential for homes to sell more easily in the coming weeks, what can be done to make your home as competitive as possible. […]

Statement Blinds: A Perfect Blend of Style and Function

Tue 15 Aug 2023 Ana Zuravliova
When it comes to a home’s decor, it’s often said the smaller details that often make the biggest impact, but what about the bigger details? Statement blinds have the power to transform a room from plain to perfection in an easy and cost effective way. Let’s take a closer look at how statement blinds can […]

The Art Of Styling Sheer Curtains

Wed 9 Aug 2023 Ana Zuravliova
When it comes to window furnishings, many around the world lookout for options that offer the perfect balance between functionality, style, and practicality. One such versatile window treatment that has been gaining popularity is sheer curtains. These elegant and sophisticated window coverings provide a unique combination of light diffusion, privacy, and style. Today, we’ll dive […]

Product Focus: Skylight Blinds

Thu 3 Aug 2023 Ana Zuravliova
Skylights are a fabulous, elegant detail added to many homes around the world. Letting in light and a view of the stars at night, skylights offer a fantastic alternative to traditional windows, but like standard windows, they do need blinds. Skylight blinds are available in a variety of colours and styles and today, we’ll be […]

How To Style Curtains For Living Rooms

Wed 2 Aug 2023 Ana Zuravliova
The living room is at the heart of any home. It’s a place where we relax, entertain, and create long-lasting memories. As a result, living rooms are fantastic rooms to invest in and add a luxurious, quality finish to. Living room curtains serve both practical and aesthetic purposes, adding warmth, style, and functionality to the […]

A Social Snapshot: A Jumbo July

Mon 31 Jul 2023 Ana Zuravliova
July is about to end, August is fast on its heels, and summer is in full swing. This month, we’ve once again been impressed with so many of the images we’ve been tagged in on Instagram, and after much deliberation, we’ve managed to find our three favourite social images from July. Read on for some […]

Embrace Air, Water, And Serenity With Tranquil Blue

Wed 26 Jul 2023 Ana Zuravliova
In a world humming with persistent noise and activity, finding places of peace and tranquillity becomes even more important for our well-being. As sanctuaries from the strains of modern living, our homes should evoke a sense of calm and serenity, and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is through tranquil blues in […]

Colour Of The Month: The Power Of Pink

Tue 25 Jul 2023 Ana Zuravliova
When it comes to home decor, colours play a pivotal role in setting the mood and ambiance of a space. Among the many spectacular options available, pink stands out as a versatile and captivating choice. Often associated with youth and playfulness, pink will add a touch of sophistication and charm to any room, and that’s […]

How To Style Vertical Blinds

Tue 18 Jul 2023 Ana Zuravliova
Vertical blinds are a flexible and practical window treatment that offers privacy, light control, and a touch of elegance to any room or décor style. While highly functional, styling vertical blinds can sometimes be a challenge. That said, with a little creativity and inspiration, you can use vertical to transform your interior design, it’s just […]
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