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Red Venetian Blinds

From bright scarlet to deep russet, our red Venetian blinds are sure to bring excitement to your windows. Enjoy excellent light control and privacy with our high quality designs.

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Metal Venetian blinds are functional, beautiful to behold and easy to maintain. Our range offers a wealth of colours and finishes making sure you'll find the perfect blind to enrich your home. Crafted from 100% aluminium, one of the most recycled and environmentally friendly metals on the planet, selecting a metal Venetian blind means you can boost your home's green, and style, credentials. Durable yet sleek, our hand-crafted, made to measure metal Venetian blinds offer a high degree of rotation, preserving privacy and warmth whilst controlling external light.

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Why Buy Our Made To Measure Metal Venetian Blinds?

Why Buy Our Made To Measure Metal Venetian Blinds?

Our superior metal Venetian blinds continue to be a popular customer choice up and down the country. Manufactured by talented craftspeople, your new blind will stand the test of time in terms of both durability and design. Our made to measure Venetian blinds are up to 70% less expensive than comparable high street brands and come complete with a five year guarantee.

Where Can You Fit Metal Venetian Blinds?

Where Can You Fit Metal Venetian Blinds?

The special aluminium oxide coating protects the metal used in our Venetian blinds and means you can use them anywhere in the home, from the dining room to the bathroom. Select from a range of slat sizes to suit your needs. Smaller slats will block out more light, and provide more privacy even when open, whilst larger slats will give a sturdy look to the window, whilst letting natural light into the room without opening the blinds completely.

What Colours Are Metal Venetian Blinds Available In?

What Colours Are Metal Venetian Blinds Available In?

Our customers decorate their homes in a range of amazing colours.To ensure you can find just the right colour metal Venetian blind to complement your interiors we stock a broad range of colours and tones. Choose from our ever popular bright or warm whites. Or dazzle with bold brights including juicy orange tones, lime and emerald greens and sunshine yellows. For a more relaxed style select from calming greens and blues. We're confident you'll find just the right blind to suit your decor.

How To Measure And Fit Metal Venetian Blinds

How To Measure And Fit Metal Venetian Blinds

Measuring and fitting metal Venetian blinds is quick and easy and we provide all the guidance you'll need to make doing the work yourself a breeze. Take a look at our series of easy-to-follow measuring guide videos. Fitting instructions are also delivered with your product.

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