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Buyer's Guide
for Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds
photo of large green house plants in front of window that looks out into garden
Our Pleated Blinds

Our Pleated Blinds

Buyer's looking for a subtle, yet attractive window dressing should certainly consider pleated blinds. Easily adding a soft shading effect to kitchens, home-working spaces and conservatories, pleated blinds take up minimal space when rolled down and neatly stack when raised up. With a fantastic selection of colours available, you'll be able to find one that's perfect for your space.

an image of wooden drawers below window with pink pleated blinds
Why Buy Our Made To Measure Pleated Blinds

Why Buy Our Made To Measure Pleated Blinds

Up to 70% less expensive compared with similar high street brands
Long lasting and simple to maintain
Functional choices including dimout and blackout
A great selection of colours and tones
Eight free samples can be ordered to let you see and feel your chosen colours and fabrics before you buy
Educational guides and videos to assist in the measuring for, and fitting of your blind
Safety and ease with contact-free shipping
Handcrafted to your requirements in the heart of Yorkshire
Surefit guarantee available for peace of mind
Fast delivery on all orders

a photo of wooden table with bowls and house plant on top next to window with closed pink pleated blinds
Where Can You Fit Pleated Blinds?

Where Can You Fit Pleated Blinds?

The elegant movement with which pleated blinds are raised or lowered makes them the perfect choice for rooms where you host guests. For instance, you can add a tasteful energy to the living or dining room. Alternatively, you can use them equally well in the bedroom or a home office.

In communal parts of the home, buyer's would be wise to consider a dimout option, while for the bedroom, nothing can beat a blackout blind to help secure that perfect night's sleep.

We have a great range of colours and tones available for you to choose from on the website. In a well-chosen hue, your new pleated blind will work with any design themes you might be looking to integrate into your space.

Fitting Guide >>

a photo of white bath tube infront of large window with white pleated blinds fitted
What Are Our Different Types Of Pleated Blinds?

What Are Our Different Types Of Pleated Blinds?

You can select a pleated blind with a specialist feature that works best for your space. With Blinds Direct, your options are:

Plain pleated blinds - A classic option. Functional and durable, they are a fabulous addition to any space in the home.

Blackout pleated blinds - Improve sleep by blocking external light from entering the home. Therefore, they are great for bedrooms and living rooms alike, especially if you love to enjoy a movie in dark.

Dimout pleated blinds - Great for spaces where you want to gently filter the light and remove the glare of the sun. Home office spaces, kitchens and dinning rooms are the perfect place for these blinds.

image of open planned office with table and chairs and floor to ceiling windows with pleated blinds looking out to the sea

Thermal pleated blinds - Keep your space warm and cosy during the colder months of the year. With better thermal efficiency, you'll also save money on energy!

Flame retardant pleated blinds - Our specially designed flame retardant pleated blinds are suitable for properties subject to specific fire regulations, kitchens, children's rooms and other rooms at greater risk of fire. They improve the safety of a space, add protection and look stylish too.

Honeycomb pleated blinds - As stylish as a classic pleated blind but even more innovative. Where classic pleated blinds are made from a single layer of fabric, honeycomb alternatives are made from two. Between the layers are a column of cells that trap air to better insulate the home saving the environment and money. Learn more in our Product Focus: Honeycomb Blinds blog.

Perfect fit pleated blinds - Easy to fit and offering a streamlined design, a perfect fit pleated blind clips easily into place and brings beauty into the home without any hassle. They are an effective solution for your windows and the perfect complement for UPVC windows, conservatories and doors.

explainer image to show the best way to measure for pleated blinds
How To Measure For Pleated Blinds

How To Measure For Pleated Blinds

Measuring a window for your new pleated blinds is as simple as 1,2,3. Below we've included some useful advice for both Recess and Exact options.

Inside Recess (RECESS SIZE) If your blind is to fit within the recess of your window, you'll need this measurement. Step one is to measure the drop and width from three positions and supply the smallest size. Afterwards, our team will make the required deductions to ensure the blind fits seamlessly within the window's recess.

Outside Recess (EXACT SIZE) For a blind that will sit outside of the window's recess, you'll need to provide an exact size measurement. Firstly, decide how much you'd like the blind to overlap the recess - on both sides, top and bottom - we recommend 7.5cm each as a minimum. Secondly, measure the width and drop in three positions and again, provide the smallest measurement. If you're uncertain about measuring for your blinds, you will benefit from our Surefit guarantee, for peace of mind.

View our expert guides to measuring window blinds here >>

graphic to show the different sized that pleated blinds are available in
How To Fit Pleated Blinds

How To Fit Pleated Blinds

Fitting your new blind is much easier than you may expect. Within the box you'll find:

A handmade, high quality pleated blind
Cleat safety device
All required fixtures, brackets and screws
An accumulation device

The only additional tools you'll require are a drill, cross-head screwdriver and a pencil.

For further advice, check out our instructional fitting videos.

To make fitting easier, we've created PDFs to help with installing your blinds. Furthermore, all our items come with the requisite child safety devices

Child safety advice can be found here >>

photo of large office desk with chairs around it looking out of window to the sea
Our Most Popular Pleated Blinds

Our Most Popular Pleated Blinds

Colour is the foundation of any great interior design. Luckily, our customers have a fantastic range of colours to consider and can be certain they'll find just the right tone for their décor. Our most popular pleated blind colours are:

Cream pleated blinds - Cream is as versatile as white but has a slightly warmer feel to it. What's more, creamy beige tones will partner well with myriad colours and tones you may have in the home already. You can learn more in our Colour Focus: Which Colours Go With Beige blog.

an image of a wooden set kitchen table with blue hanging light above next to window with closed grey pleated blinds

White pleated blinds - White is a great option for chic monochrome spaces and contemporary rooms alike. A white pleated blind will enhance the style of your interior design and help to integrate any other colours into one complimentary scheme.

Grey pleated blinds - We have a great selection of grey pleated blinds! From earthy tones to shimmering silver hues, you'll be able to add an elegant grey statement to your space. You can learn more about colours to go with grey on our blog.

Blue pleated blinds - Blue continues to be an extremely popular and adaptable colour. With several tones and finishes to consider, you can add a feeling of cool to any space. The calming effect of blue makes it perfect for spaces where concentration is key, for example home offices.

photo of blue chair with large fur prink cushion on top and gold lamp next to it
Are Pleated Blinds Easy to Clean?

Are Pleated Blinds Easy to Clean?

Pleated blinds are easy to clean. You can use the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning. It is important to remember however to be delicate when doing so. Don't apply too much pressure to the pleats themselves to avoid any risk of ripping or wrinkling the fabric.

Otherwise, you can use a damp sponge if you need to remove a larger build up of dust. Remember to start from the top and work your way down.

Gently use warm water and a soft cloth to remove tougher marks. Lay the blind flat for this and pat the blind with a dry towel to help speed up the drying process.

photo of large open planned room with floor to ceiling windows and pleated blinds half drawn
Where are Our Pleated Blinds Made?

Where are Our Pleated Blinds Made?

Our stylish pleated blinds are created by hand here in West Yorkshire. Our team of experienced craftspeople have decades of experience in manufacturing some of the finest window furnishings available in the UK. You can learn more about Blinds Direct on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions >>

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