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Roller blinds offer a great canvas through which you can express yourself and enhance your living spaces. Explore our wide range of corded and cordless roller blinds in a selection of colours and stylish patterns and prints from tartans to movie characters! You can also rest assured knowing your new roller blind is hand made to measure to the highest quality standards and each purchase comes complete with our five-year guarantee.

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Why Buy Our Made to Measure Roller Blinds?

Why Buy Our Made to Measure Roller Blinds?

Our high-quality roller blinds are a popular choice with many customers across the country. Hard wearing and low maintenance, our roller blinds are suitable for all living areas in the home. Hand-made to measure in the heart of Yorkshire by a team of skilled craftspeople, your new blind will stand the test of time both aesthetically and functionally.

Where Can You Fit Roller Blinds?

Where Can You Fit Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are crafted from a range of materials which means you are sure to find the perfect blind for any room. For dining and living rooms, pick freely from all options. But for wetter environments such as bathrooms or kitchens, select from our range of moisture-proof roller blinds. For bedrooms choose from our wide range of black-out and thermal fabric options, both designed to help you achieve a perfect nights sleep!

What Colours Are Roller Blinds Available In?

What Colours Are Roller Blinds Available In?

Our roller blinds are available in a wealth of colours and tones, from light or neutrals, relaxing greens and blues, or bold and vibrant brights! Furthermore, many are available with a shimmering metallic finish and soft to touch textures. There are also numerous patterns to explore including bold stripes, pretty florals or bold geometrics.

Get The Perfect Fit For Your Roller Blinds

Get The Perfect Fit For Your Roller Blinds

Measuring for and fitting roller blinds is less complex than you might think. To support you in this task, we've created a series of easy-to-follow measuring guide videos. We also have a range of fitting instructions which are delivered to your door alongside your new blind. We've made measuring and fitting as easy as possible so you can enjoy a made to measure roller blind perfectly fitted to your window

Faqs for Roller Blinds
How do I measure for roller blinds?
Measuring yourself couldn't be easier, takes just minutes and will save you money! Selecting a made to measure roller blind means your blind will fit your window perfectly and our simple step-by-step measuring guides and videos will show you how to measure for standard windows, angled bay windows and boxed bay windows.
How do I fit roller blinds?
Fitting roller blinds is such a simple task. Take a look out our easy-to-follow fitting guide videos and you'll be confident this is a job you can do, saving you both money and time. Fitting instructions are also delivered with your new roller blinds.
Should a roller blind roll under or over?
You can choose either option. When making your purchase select your preferred fabric direction to suit your needs. Reverse roll, or under, keeps the roll hidden when the shade is drawn. Standard roll, or over, displays the roll at all times and is closer to the window, reducing light entering from the edges of the blind.
How do I clean roller blinds?
Cleaning a roller blind is a really quick and easy task. To reduce dust regularly vacuum your roller blind using the vacuum's lowest setting, then wipe the blind with a damp, clean cloth. Take a look at our roller blind cleaning guide for additional, easy to follow instructions.
How can I fix a roller blind that won't turn?
The roller blind chain should allow the blind to fully raise and lower. If the blind wont fully roll up raise the blind using the chain as far as it will go. When it reaches the point where it wont roll-up further remove the blind from the brackets, take the mechanism out of the tube and manually roll the blind all the way up. Once you have done this, put the mechanism back in and place back on the brackets. You should now be able to raise and lower the blind fully. If you still require assistance our customer service team will be happy to help.

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